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This book includes one short creative writing prompt for each day of the school year and a space for students to write.


These prompts are really all over the place and include things like "write an ode to a cheeseburger" (a submission from a former student), "write 10 similes to describe today's weather," and "what would you be willing to fight and die for?" There are prompts that challenge their thinking on social issues, like "what does freedom of speech mean to you? Does it also mean freedom from consequence?" There are also famous quotes peppered throughout the year for students to consider and analyze.

The book is laid-out so that Monday - Wednesday are one one page, and Thursday and Friday are on another page. There is also a "weekly reflection" box where students can write about what they learned that week to keep track of their own learning.

There are 40 total weeks of writing prompts in this book.

Daily Bell Ringer Book

  • This file is a PDF file. 

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