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The planner that I created has a ton of awesome features. Everything is "clickable" and helps to make navigation through the planner really easy. This planner wors best with Goodnotes on the iPad, but it should work on any PDF reader/notetaking app that you use on your andriod or PC device. 


I felt like a teacher planner should do more than keep track of dates and appointments. It should be able to keep track of everything - notes, student information, observation notes, behavior notes, PBS plans, student birthdays, contact info, field trips - everything. So I created a planner that does just that!


Here are the features:

  • July 2020 - June 2021
  • weekly planner with clickable days that take you to daily lesson planning pages
  • daily lesson planning pages
  • data pages
  • IEP & 504 information pages
  • goal setting pages
  • contacts 
  • student information pages
  • Field Trip planners
  • Notes pages with a table of content with clickable links for each page to quickly find notes
  • Parent Contact Log pages
  • Student behavior anecdotal note pages
  • PBS planning pages
  • Observation planning pages

This planner is over 400 pages long. It is easy to navigate and very colorful. 


The Ultimate Digital Teacher Planner in Rainbow

  • This is a PDF File that functions best with the Goodnotes iOs app

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